Accreditamento Erasmus+ Educazione degli Adulti

Evaluation: 93/100
Duration: 01/03/2021- 31/12/2027
Acquirement of managerial competences

This objective is linked to the need to acquire managerial skills in the Adult Education sector as regards the formulation of contents, management of courses whose aim is to share skills that can have a social impact and democratize access to new technologies. This would help Verona FabLab to improve the training approach by responding to the needs of adult learners, both in terms of content and delivery methods. It meets the Erasmus objective of improving the quality of education provision through the professionalization of its staff and the development capacity of trainers to implement quality learning programs

Knowing new realities and learning about the Adult Education culture and territorial impact: applied methodologies and socio-economic impact

This objective aims to strengthen the transversal skills of internal staff and external teachers and to acquire knowledge related to other similar realities such as makerspaces, institutes or STEM organizations. This would favor the realization of a comparative research on different realities, on the definition of common objectives and on the innovation of the training approach in sectors that are above all dedicated to digital craftsmanship. It meets the Erasmus objective of improving the quality of teaching and learning in all forms of adult education, making it relevant to the needs of society in general.

Co-design of EDA contents, standardization of applied methodologies and training of trainers

This objective aims to the standardization of applied methodologies, providing structured training to trainers with the scope to make adult education an experiential, experimental, more innovative path, with a proposal of formats and contents designed ad hoc also for respond to the challenges of these times. We would like to become a point of reference in the area, especially for those young adults who would like to approach the field of digital craftsmanship (or rapid prototyping) by providing support in the development of skills that can then result in a real job, or at least in a transmission of traditional knowledge that reinforces the local identity, with a view to innovation. It meets the Erasmus objective of improving the adult education offer on key competences as defined by the EU Framework (2018), including basic competences (literacy, mathematics, digital competences) and other life-skills.

Internationalization of the Verona FabLab mission

Long-term goals include:

– the co-design of non-formal education training courses that can inspire the local community with a view to resilient lifelong-learning, capable of responding to the challenges of recent and future years;

– use of new technologies not as an end but as a means to contribute to the realization of the FabCity

– sustainable city model based on ecology, inclusiveness, participation, employment and economic growth, local production and territorial (glocalism) and holistic approach, based on the open philosophy source, experiential and person-based;

– activities that have a strong impact on socio-economic and cultural development at the territorial level.