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A laboratory to discover, innovate and grow up

Verona FabLab was born in 2014 from a strong desire to create a place where people could give birth to innovative ideas thanks to avantguard machines like 3D printers, CNC mills and laser- cutter, and to share knowledge among a “Fabbers’ Network” that grew bigger in the years. Since 2015 already, a second location in the downtown was opened and we’ve evolved from a place of innovation to a place of meeting, aggregation and development. 

Verona FabLab is a social enterprise but it was born as a private, no profit cultural association, founded in 2014 and recognized by Veneto Region. It is part of a global FabLab Network whose aim is to democratize the access to the tools for technical invention. This community is simultaneously a manufacturing network, a distributed technical education campus, and a research laboratory working to digitize fabrication, inventing the next generation of manufacturing and personal fabrication. Verona FabLab’s mission is to create a local laboratory where citizens can find knowledge, instruments and spaces to learn, experiment and share competences, creating social value that has a positive impact on the territory.

Verona FabLab’s strength relies on its capacity of providing formal and non-formal education, and bringing youth and adults closer to technology with the scope to make them “conscious producers” and not “passive consumers”. To do so, the association commits to train teachers, trainers and educators and is a promoter of different activities that involve schools, museums, cooperatives. Verona FabLab promotes digital literacy and the development of computational thinking through the acquisition of: digital skills (programming, prototyping), cognitive skills (problem solving, critical thinking) and transversal competences (creativity and team working).

Since 2021, Verona FabLab is Erasmus+ accredited entity in the EDA sector (Adult Education)
Verona FabLab is also part of the EU Vulca Network.
You find our makerspace documented here: MAKERTOUR.FR

Verona FabLab is…


In Verona FabLab each of us is making a job out of his/her passion. We are a social, non-profit, enterprise and we strongly believe in human value. We think that every person has the right first of all to discover their passions, and then to find a way to cultivate them. 

Verona FabLab is a wonderful, stimulating environment, where something new always happens and where you can change your dogmas.


For us, creativity means “getting involved” even making mistakes; technology is instead a means to support (almost) any creative idea, ranging in different areas. In Verona Fablab the focus shifts to the process rather than the final result. We live in a system that requires us to follow standards, where education is the same for everyone, but as Albert Einstein said: “Each of us is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees, it will spend its entire life believing that it is stupid. “


is the result of our philosophy based on passion and creativity. We are inspired by M. Resnik’s concept of “hard fun”. “At a first glance, some interests of young people may seem trivial or superficial, but with the right support and encouragement, young people can build networks of knowledge related to their interests. An investment on an interest always pays off with the best knowledge. “

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we realize your projects thanks to our: 3D printers, CNC milling machine for wood and metal, laser-cutter and virtual reality





We offer professional, formal and non-formal education for youth and adults, informal education, and learning paths for enterprises.  





Innovation is for all! discover our open source projects, download the PDF and experiment. Enjoy!






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Projects And Innovation Made in Verona FabLab

Informal Learning

Erasmus + Accreditation for the Adult Education Sector

Duration: 2021-2027

The purpose of the accreditation is to make adult education an experiential, experimental, more innovative path, with a proposal of formats and contents designed ad hoc also to respond to the challenges of these times. The long-term objectives that provide for the co-planning of non-formal education training courses that can inspire the local community with a view to resilient lifelong-learning, capable of responding to the challenges of recent years and those to come; use of new technologies as an end but as a means for the realization of the FabCity – sustainable city model based on ecology, inclusiveness, participation, employment and economic growth, local production and territorial (glocalism) and holistic approach, based on the open source, experiential philosophy and based on the person; activities that have a strong impact on socio-economic and cultural development at the territorial level.

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Informal Learning


Verona Fablab brings technology applied to teaching into a Higher Education Institute in Verona. The latter opens a collaborative space within the school, to integrate new tools and methods available to both teachers and students. The contents of the workshops? Digital education, IT security, virtual reality and virtual environment modelling, Arduino as an application to laboratory teaching. Fabschool is a project of the Edulife Foundation, in collaboration with Verona Fablab, 311 Verona, Mantova Fablab, Fablab Dolomiti Association, Cata Belluno Consortium, Polo9 social enterprise, Megahub-Samarcanda onlus, with the support of the Cariverona Foundation.

Demographic Change


Shared Time Enhances People’s Solidarity is one of the 11 projects selected by the European Union from among 222 proposals anticipated at European level as part of the 5th call published by the U.I.A. Urban Innovative Actions. With a three-year duration (July 2020 – June 2023) and a European funding of 4 million euros, the project addresses the issue of demographic change and is developed in the 3rd district of Verona, chosen because its demographic composition is representative of the characteristics of the urban population.

Sustainable Mobility


Fabvan is a van…but not only. It is an experimental laboratory for social innovation. Thanks to Cariverona Foundation’s contribution, we are able to offer free of charge activities and laboratories for children, youth, adults and elderly people, covering all the age-ranges with tailor-made activities. Our goal was to create a mobile laboratory where people could find all the necessary tools to learn, experiment and share knowledge. We thought “well, if citizens do not go to FabLab, FabLab must go to them!”. The idea that stays behind this initiative is to create a network within the local communities to boost a bottom-up process of innovation. That’s why each of our van’s stops is co-projected by local organizations, public authorities, schools, elderly people centres etc.

Sustainable Mobility

E-bike Sharing 

FabLab promotes sustainable mobility. Thanks to the health district ULSS9 Scaligera, FabLab could make 10 electric mountain bikes available for enterprises and citizens in the Valpantena area (Verona). People can rent our electric bikes for fun, to explore the valley and do local excursions. Enterprises can rent bikes to promote a sustainable home-work commute for their employees.


Tech 4 Kids

Today’s children are the society of tomorrow, so we feel the responsibility of educating them to digital. With the T4K initiative we promote digital and computer literacy among children and teenagers.


Robotics and Virtual Reality with students in hospitals

This project is financed by Just Foundation and aims to bring dedicated laboratories in the technological field to those children that are hospitalized for serious illnesses in the Borgo Roma’s polyclinic hospital departments of cystic fibrosis, pediatric oncohematology and paediatrics. An innovative methodological approach stimulates computational thinking and the aptitude for analyzing and solving problems. But the most important objective is to support children and their families’ hope for the future thanks to an educational and emotional path that allows them to keep ties with the school life environment. Laboratories for teachers and educators are also provided.



“Learning by doing” is the philosophy of our PCTO project aimed at third and fourth grade students. In AlternaLab, students are able to choose between different laboratorial paths that allow them to acquire both digital and transversal skills through the development of a Project Work (for instance: Maker, Communication and Media, IoT, Robotics, CoderDojo, Digital Tailoring, Internship in affiliated companies).


Neet 4.0

Neet is the acronym of Not employed, in education or in training. Neet 4.0 is a project realized by Verona FabLab and Megahub (Samarcanda Cooperativa Sociala Onlus) thanks to the contribution of the Cariverona Foundation. Its scope is to offer tools and skills during 180 hours training to 20 young people in Verona and Vicenza provinces, to make them more competent and competitive in a more demanding job market. The first phase of the training course covers areas like 2D and 3D design, digital prototyping, use of 3D printers, laser cutting, milling, etc.

The final project work develops into a smart garden prototype whose system consists of a water-tank that contains immersion pumps (one per vegetable garden / sector to be watered) and a solar-powered IoT control unit. The IoT control unit communicates via LoRaWAN, a rapidly spreading long range network designed specifically for the IoT. The garden structure is developed thanks to CAD design and laser cutting. 

Tech and Sustainability


OrtoCity was created to allow everyone to eat 0-KM fruit and vegetables. If you don’t have land to plant your vegetables, you can make tubs (like we did!) and still grow whatever you want.
The system consists of a water tank that contains immersion pumps (one per vegetable garden / sector to be watered) and a solar-powered IoT control unit. Add some pipes and cables and your smart garden will be ready! There is no need for WiFi or SIM, OrtoCity communicates (for free!) via LoRaWAN, a very fast spreading long range network designed specifically for the IoT. Thanks to Node-red it is possible to have a personalized dashboard that allows to see the histories of ambient temperature, soil humidity and battery charge; as well as checking and modifying the watering.



Roboval is one of the most important Verona FabLab’s projects, an annual fair that aims to bring people and especially youth closer to technology.
It is a non-profit event where creativity unfolds to share inventions and experiences, where the present is shaped by the future.

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